• Multivariate Effect Size
    Syntax for multivariate statistical effect size estimation through multiple comparisons.

  • Alpha S.E.
    Standard error estimates for Cronbach's Alpha adapted from Duhachek, A. & Iacobucci, D. (2004).

  • Regression Diagnostics
    Syntax to produce comprehensive univariate multiple regression diagnostics.
  • IRT Macro
    Excel macro producing ICCs, IICs, the TIC etc. from calibrated item parameters.

  • Matrix Algebra Sheet
    Spreadsheet demonstrating matrix operations (with the respective functions) in Excel.
  • rela
    Scale item reliability analysis with standard errors.

  • cat.boot
    Categorical data bootstrap with missing data package.

  • pro.cor
    Assessment of GIS estimations across varying projections.

  • irt.diag
    IRT model fit diagnostic package.
  • Alpha S.E.
    SAS syntax for standard error estimation for Cronbach's Alpha by Duhachek, A. & Iacobucci, D. (2004).

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