Research / Data

    Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research is a web portal (gold mine) with publically accessible datasets from many different discipilnes.

  • Data Archive
    A collection of datasets and resources created by Gene Shackman for the Global Social Change Research Project in conjunction with The International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP).

  • Research Methods Tutorials
    This compilation by William M. K. Trochim is a very useful resource on a variety of research methods.

  • QIC
    Social-Personality Psychology Questionnaire Instrument Compedium is a catalog of hundrets of instruments used in assessmnet in psychology (with many free questionnaire links).

  • U.S. Census Bureau
    United States Census Bureau national data archives etc.

  • GeoCommunity
    GIS Data Depot of the GeoCommunity. You will need to create a profile but there are many free datasets and shapefiles worth it.

  • NBER
    National Bureau of Economic Research data compilation.

Professional Organizations

  • ASA
    American Statistical Association. Join!! Most of the models in our field come from statisticians (not psychologists).

  • Psychometric Society
    Leading publisher (Psychometric: A journal of quantitative psychology) all things psychometric / quantitative psychology.

  • ETS
    Educational Testing Services is the leading employer of psychometricians in the world. Many well known statisticians and psychometricians have worked for and conducted research at ETS.

  • College Board
    The College Board has partnered for many years with ETS to form one of the strongest standardized testing promoters in the country.

  • CITO
    Central Institute for Test Development in the Netherlands started by Professor De Groot after a visit to Educational testing Service in NJ.

  • SMEP
    The Society of Mulivariate Experimental Psychology is a highly respected organization dedicating its resources and focus to the field of quantitative psychology.

  • NCME
    National Council on Measurement in Education.

  • AERA
    American Educational Research Association (partner organization with NCME).

  • APA: Division 5
    American Psychological Association division of evaluation, measurement and statistics.

  • AIR
    The American Institudes of Research is one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world. Their overriding goal is to use the best science available to bring the most effective ideas and approaches to enhancing everyday life.

  • APS
    Association for Psychological Science. A more quantitatively oriented APA.

  • RAND
    The Research and Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization making significant contributions to several social, economic and behavioral fields.

  • RTI International
    The Research Triangle Institute (North Carolina State, Chapel Hill and Duke) is an international nonprofit research organization putting to practical use the international intellectual powers comprising this cooperation.

  • FairTest
    The National Center for Fair and Open Testing.

  • ISBA
    The International Society for Bayesian Analysis.

  • EAPA
    European Association of Psychological Assessment.

  • Nielsen
    Focuses on international market and media consumer analysis.

  • AED
    Academy for Educational Development: Ideas changing lives.

  • Buros
    The Buros Institute of Mental Measurement.

  • ACT
    American College Testing Program (ACT) was founded by E. F. Lindquist, the mid-west competitor of the College Board.

    CAVEON Test Security is an independent company investigating test practices, cheating and test fairness.

  • CAE
    Council for Aid to Education.

  • Riverside Publishing
    Professional testing products and consulting services for local and state assessments.

  • CTB McGraw-Hill
    Test publisher and vendor for large-scale assessments. Also, has research units in educational testing and psychometrics.

  • Pearson
    One of the largest US based industry-leading for-profit assessment specialist firm. Pearson acts as the vendor for many state and nation-wide tests.

  • Pearson VUE
    Pearson Virtual University Enterprises (VUE) is a global leader in electronic testing for information technology, academic, government and professional clients.

  • STEM Coalition
    The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Coalition.

  • The Foundation Center
    Organization linking researchers and academics to funding resources.

  • Comira
    Psychometric test vendor specializing in computer-based testing.

  • NCCT
    National Center for Competency Testing is a certification organization across a braod spectrum of specializations.

  • TeacherMatch
    TeacherMatch is an organization dedicated to evaluating and validating teachers and their attributes.

  • Cambridge Assessment
    Cambridge Assessment is the University of Cambridge's international exam group.

  • Ascend Learning
    A world-leading technology company focusing on providing evaluation solutions.

  • Measured Progress
    Leader in customized K-12 assessments.

  • Measurement Incorporated
    Company providing achievement testing and scoring services.

  • FCAP
    The Fordham Council on Applied Psychometrics is the only graduate student organization chartered by the Graduate Student Association.


  • Statistical Computing
    UCLA Academic Technology Services web page on introductions to computer packages such as SAS, SPSS and Stata with many output examples and interpretation guidelines.

  • Business Statistics
    Western Michigan University Statistics Department review of basci statistics and their presentation.

  • SticiGui
    Philip Stark's (University of Berkley) comprehensive introductory statistics course online.

    FREE statistical consulting with tons of materials to assist your analysis.

  • Using R
    Great introduction to using R for psychological research. Designed by William Revelle (Northwestern University).

  • R Contributed Documentation
    Full R statistical manuals, workbooks and examples.

  • R Graphic Gallery
    Source code for any graphic you could have ever thought of (and then some) for R.

  • Raynald's SPSS Tools
    One of the most comprehensive collections of SPSS syntax in the world.

  • StatComp
    UCLA ATA Statistical Consulting Group's useful statistics bookmarks.

  • MathGoodies
    Mathematics resources (i.e. Excel worksheets, articles etc.) for topics in algebra, geometry and others.

  • PatrickJMT
    Patrick JMT's mazing math tutorials spanning a huge spectrum of topics.

  • StatTrek
    Online learning and tutoring system to teach yourself statistics.

Software / Freeware

  • R Project for Statistical Computing
    The only open source code statistical software package of its kind. Absolutely free!

  • StatPages
    John Pezzullo's listing for online statistical computational interfaces (java & HTML based), as well as a huge collection of open source and free statistical software.

  • G*Power 3
    An amazing free power analysis program with a whole set of additional parameter regulations.

  • ICL
    IRT Command Language is a DOS look-alike platforms for Item Response Theory modeling.

  • Crime Stat III
    A spatial statistics program for the analysis of crime incident locations.

  • SSI
    Scientific Software International offers many student versions and trial packages (LISREL, HLM, PARSCALE etc.)

    The Geographic Resource Analysis Support System is the worlds only open source Geographic Information System (GIS).

  • GeoDa
    Free spatial data analysis software from Dr. Luc Anselin.

  • The BUGS Project
    Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling free windows software.

  • Michael Brown Software
    Software packages written by Dr. Michael Brown (Ohio State University).

    A free windows time series analysis package.

  • Amelia II
    Program for the treatment of missing data written by Honaker, King and Blackwell (1999).

  • Multiple Imputation Online
    Collection of missing data imputation software, literature and links put together by Stef von Buuren at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands.

  • SAS
    SAS's homepage ( Nothing for free here but some good product information (link may not work because SAS does not allow for cross web page linking).

  • SPSS
    Statistical Package for the Social Sciences main web page. Again, no freebies, but some source code for SPSS statistical procedures and syntax.


  • Lesson Planet
    Search engine for tutors/instructors ranging a vast scope of topics in statistics and psychology.

  • R Contributed Documentation
    And some humor with statistics.

  • Hotel Guide
    Great web page for those who are planning to attend a conference. Find a cheaper hotel near the conference site.

  • Statistics Jokes
    And some humor with statistics.

  • Quote Garden
    Fun and interesting quotations about statistics.